Dress Rehearsal - Friday, June 7th - Curtain Time 5:30pm
Recital - Saturday, June 8th - Curtain Time 4:00pm 

Please arrive 45 minutes prior to show time!

Recital 2019 - KILL THE LIGHTS

Kill The Lights - Jazz
Faith - Tap
Move It Like You Mean It - Tap
Im Not Ready To Be A Princess - Ballet
Mermaid Party - Tap
Blood Sweat & Tears - Ballet
Evacuate The Dance Floor - Jazz
Coming To You - Tap
Cold Hearted Snake - Jazz
Believe It - Ballet
Everybody Cruise - Tap
Light up the World - Ballet
Fabulous - Tap
Light It up - Hip-Hop
Love So Soft - Jazz
Sandman - Acro
Watch Me - Tap
Crash - Acro
Woman Like Me - Jazz
Better Have My Money - Advanced Hip-Hop

 Intermission - 2nd Half

Roots - Pointe
A Wonderful Life - Ballet
My Year - Jazz
Handclap - Tap
Glitter In The Air - Ballet
Swish Swish - Jazz
Believer - Tap
Make It Pop - Acro
Dem Beats - Hip-Hop
A Million Dreams - Ballet
Made For Now - Tap
Keep Breathing - Ballet
Revolver - Acro
Lets Light It Up - Acro
You Say - Ballet
Whatever it Takes - Tap
Stand - Ballet
Fired Up - Jazz
Silver Screen - Jazz 
Play That Sax - Tap
Give Me Love - Ballet
Space Jam - Hip-Hop
Kill The Lights - FINALE

Class Descriptions

Pre-Tap & Ballet Level 1 -3 (Ages 3-8)
This class will include basic tap and ballet steps. It will also focus on developing strength, rhythm, balance and coordination.

Technique is stressed to develop sound, movement and rhythm. Down the floor and centre combinations will be given.

Ballet is a more disciplined form of dance. Technique, flexibility, barre and centre exercises will be given.

Pointe classes are offered to those students who have had many years of ballet training and have developed strength and technique. Barre, centre and down the floor exercises will be given.

This class will highlight flexibility, strength, body isolations and jazz technique. Both down the floor and centre combinations will be given.

This class is upbeat and high energy. It allows the dancers to perform with freedom of movement adding their own personality. Tricks, down the floor and centre combinations will be given.

This class is designed to help dancers with balance, flexibility, and strength. Students will learn basic to advanced level skills, technique, and partner tricks.

Studio Hours

Monday 4:15 - 9:00pm
Tuesday 4:45 - 8:45pm
Wednesday 4:45 - 8:45pm
Thursday 4:30 - 8:45pm